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Nov 27, 2010

Thank You!

I wanted to thank my friends and family for all the support they give me.  They never stopped me from exploring Tarot and Paganism.  They never made me an outcast for my new interest.  They never scoffed at my abilities.  Aly, Cat, Josh, Mom, and Dad give me endless encouragement.  They allow me to read their fortunes which are highly personal as Tarot readings bond two people on a deeply spiritual level.  They are wonderful listeners when I speculate about how Paganism is the base for most religions.  Truly, I could not ask for better supporters.   The Wheel of Fortune must have turned towards me because I am a lucky gal.

Numerology Tidbits

Frankly, I have never been extremely intrigued by numerology.  I have an aversion to all numbers which stems from my first grade teacher and her endless amounts of math worksheets.  On one humid summer day, my father taught me how to decipher the meaning behind a person's name by the way of Numerology and its chart. I find it amusing to translate names at a party or in my spare time.  It is also a great way to read people who are skeptical or afraid of pagan practices in Tarot because there is a scientific process.  You can use Numerology to analyze birth dates, love compatibility, life paths, etc.  Please view extra styles of Numerology.
To use the chart you simply translate the person's first, middle, and last name into numbers.
Example: Evelyn would be 545375
Next the numbers must be added.
Example: 5+4+5+3+7+5=29
Now reduce it
Example: 29= 2+9= 11
It is rather easy.  I will use a fictitious name to show the entire process.
Rosalee Evelyn Mckinney
Rosalee: 9+6+1+1+3+5+5=30
Evelyn: 10
Mckinney: 4+3+2+9+5+5+5+7= 40
Final addition 3+10+4=17  1+7=8
8 is the symbol of eternal balance.  Yet, people of 8 can sometimes obsess over material objects.  Although, their obsession can hinder them it can also drive them to be powerful leaders in the business world. yields the meanings for numbers.

Nov 22, 2010

Habitats of Tarot Cards

Briefly, Tarot cards should either be placed in a wooden box, a silk pouch, or under your pillow.  The wood and silk symbolically present the Tarot deck in glory; they are natural elements that imply that the cards should be respected.  However, you can choose to sleep with them so that your energy is always near the cards.  If no option appeals to you, you can create a unique home for them.  The main goal is to keep the deck safe from physical damage and negative energy.

New Decks

It is a definite possibility that you, successful Tarot reader, will be given a new deck.  Now, I know this is slightly alarming because your first pack has a myriad of memories and contains your energy.  You have grown with your deck.  Everything you learned in this blog and in other mediums, you practiced with your original deck.  Please remember that your friends and family want to support your talent.  Thus, they feel that a new pack will aid you.  If you are given a new deck, accept it gratefully.  Then, meditate with it as you did with your first deck. Moreover, you can place the pair together.  Two collections can occupy the same habitat nicely.

However, I could be wrong.  It may be you who desires the fresh or fancy decks.  You could have seen a beautiful deck with spectacular pictures, and wanted to purchase it.  That is acceptable to buy another Tarot gang, but do not forget that decks must be given as a present.  I would recommend leaving hints for your friends and family.  Overall, multiple packs are welcome if you treat them with equal reverence.  Please visit to view special decks.

Reconnecting with the cards

Time has passed.  It has been many months since you read any fortune.  You fear that you lost the spiritual connection to your deck.  No worries.  The bond can be strengthened through meditation.  Usually this is the part where I explain the who, what, when, where, and why.  Today, I will change my process by explaining my first reconnection meditation.
I had been a month since I approached any Tarot matter.  I began to feel guilty because I started to believe that the Tarot cards were my friends and I would never stop communications with my friends.  I waited until the night appeared--I meditate before bed--and retrieved my cards from their wooden home.  I found relaxing music, and I sat on the floor with my deck.  They hummed and vibrated in my hand while I apologized for my absence.  The minutes raced by as I sat and embraced my inner peace.  I spread the cards across my carpet and looked at every individual card, then the cards as a whole.  Soon, I let my mind calm to release  all thoughts.  Two hours later, I felt bliss return to me, and the link between us grow.

Astrology Guide

Here are the match-ups.  See if you can find yours.  Please note that a woman should use the Queen to represent herself, a young man should use the Knight, and an older man should use the King.  Example: a female Capricorn should find her cards as the Devil and the Queen of Pentacles and a older male Taurus should find his cards as the Hierophant and King of Pentacles.  Again, teenagers can either be a Page or the proper gender version.
             Fire Signs
             Page of Wands represents the pure element of fire.
  • Aries- The Emperor and the King of Wands
  • Leo- Strength and the Queen of Wands
  • Sagittarius- Temperance and the Knight of Wands
            Earth Signs
            Page of Pentacles represents the pure element of earth
  • Capricorn- The Devil and the King of Pentacles  
  • Taurus- The Hierophant and the Queen of Pentacles
  • Virgo- The Hermit and the Knight of Pentacles
           Water Signs
            Page of Cups represents the pure element of water
  • Cancer- The Chariot and the King of Cups
  • Scorpio- Death and the Queen of Cups
  • Pisces- The Moon and the Knight of Cups
            Air Signs
            Page of Swords represents the pure element of air
  • Libra- Justice and the King of Swords
  • Aquarius- The Star and the Queen of Swords
  • Gemini- The Lovers and the Knight of Swords

Astrology and Tarot

To understand the relationship between the Tarot and astrology, I will use the book Your Guide to the Tarot by Janet Berres.  There are ten planets (with the addition of the sun, moon, and Pluto), 12 astrological signs, and 22 cards in the major Arcana.  However, I will ignore the cards equated with the planets and discuss the cards linked to the astrological symbols.  Each astrological symbol is connected to a Major and Minor Arcana card because of their similar qualities.  For example: The Emperor and the King of Wands depict Aries because both are dominant leaders who follow their own will which is the way of the Ram.  It is useful to use astrology during a reading because a card can symbolize a certain person the querent knows.

    Nov 9, 2010

    Composing a Spread

    There is a copious amount of spreads such as the Celtic Cross and Astrological Wheel.  Please visit for other fantastic spreads.   However, one can find great joy in crafting their own spread.  Here are some rules to keep in mind before a layout is made
    1. Make the layout for either general or specific questions.
    2. Create a unique form that has a meaning for every card position.
    • For example a traditional spread consists of three cards that are placed from left to right.  The card on the right signifies the past, the card in the middle represents the present, and the card on the right shows the future.
         3. Practice the new layout before it is employed for others.

    The Week Spread

    This layout uses seven cards which symbolize a day in the week.  The cards are set right to left.  The last card on the right is Monday, and the first card on the left is Sunday.  The Week Spread is interpreted like the Three Month Spread because the reading relies on the independent translation of the individual card. 
    The Week Spread is extremely specific, so the reader must not give the querent hasty generalizations.

    The Three Month Spread

    The Three Month Spread is used for general readings about the future.  I recommend doing this reading at the end of a month because it will yield results for the next three months.  After the Tarot reader meditates, the querent should shuffle the cards until she is willing to learn what will happen.  The reader must lay three rows of four cards.  The cards need to be set from right to left.  Each row represents a month and each of the cards represents a week in the month.  Therefore, each card  is interpreted with an individual meaning instead of forming the judgment from a mixture of the cards.  This spread is wonderful for people who are new to Tarot, or who are skeptical.

    Yes and No Readings

    This style is used for specific questions that can be answered by a "yes" or "no."  The layout is a few simple steps:
    1.  Ask the querent what he would like to know.
    2. Meditate over the question with the querent until you feel that you are ready.
    3. Have the querent shuffle the cards, so that he may leave his energy on the deck.
    • Remind the querent to shuffle the card until he is prepared to know the answer.
         4.  Accept the deck when the querent returns it.
         5.  Draw three cards in succession from the top of the deck and lay them face-down from right to left in a row.
         6.  Flip them from right to left.  Two or more reverse cards mean "no" and two or more cards facing upward mean "yes."
    This reading is very simple.  The reader does not need to interpret the cards unless the querent wants details about the answer.  I advise all readers to examine the background colors of the card.  Darker colors will symbolize negative energy; whereas, lighter colors represent positive energy.


    Are You Ready to Read?

    Congratulations!  You have learned many things, and now you can apply your knowledge.  There are three beginner layouts that I will show you how to create: "Yes" and "No"; Three Month Spread; and Week Spread.  However, I recommend that before each reading you find a table to use and meditate with your cards for a few moments.  When I meditate I imagine that all of my personality is drained, and that I become a completely empty vessel so the cards can work though me.   If you find a meditation aid, use it.  As it is imperative to prepare yourself prior to delving into the realm of Tarot, it is important to end a reading properly.  After you have revealed the interpretation,  you should cleanse the cards.  You can bathe them in incense by twisting the deck in the smoke.  If you do not enjoy incense or do not own them, you could mentally wash them.  When you spread the cards across the table, imagine that the energy from the previous reading floating away or disappearing like smoke.  I pretend that a bright light is flashing above the cards, and it becomes brighter and faster until the cards are clean.  The cleansing process should end when you feel comfortable.

    Nov 3, 2010

    Journals and the Seriousness of Tarot

    After every session, the Tarot reader should write his results of divination in a journal.  A journal is a good way to check the accuracy of a reader because when an event occurs he can see if he had predicted it.  Another practical reason to use a journal is for reference and memory.  When a querent cannot remember whether he would receive a large check in the second week of November or in the last week of December, she can simply contact the reader and his mini summary of her reading.
    Now I must remind all readers to be serious about this skill.  During a reading there should be quietness and tranquility.  Tarot is a trip to the realm of, quite briefly, magic.  Why taint it?  It is not a game to play on a boring Friday night, so please do not treat it as such.  Have reverence for a fascinating pagan art form.

    Special Interactions between the Major and Minor Arcana

    In a spread, one places the cards in a meaningful layout.  A meaningful layout assigns certain areas to specific issues.  An example is a layout called the Astrological Wheel where twelve cards are put in a circle.  Each card represents a daily life situations such as money, health, and family.  In all layouts, there are occasions when one card from the Major Arcana and one card from the Minor Arcana from  merge together to make a new meaning. This can also happen between two Major cards. When the synergy occurs, a reader must not ignore it.  I have chosen a few instances to exhibit the phenomenon. 

    • The Four of Swords and the Strength                                                                                             The Strength card  sometimes reveals an arrival of a new pet.  The Four of Swords can disclose a physical death.  When these cards are next to each other in a layout, it means the death of a pet.
    • The Chariot and the Sun/ Three of Cups                                                                                               The Chariot can show a physical movement like a car.  The Sun brings success and good luck.  The Three of Cups is the card of happy occasion.  When the Chariot meets either of the cards, it signifies a new car.
    •  The Five of Swords/ the Seven of Swords and the Lovers                                                                   The Lovers is the card of romance.  The Five of Swords depicts that the querent is surrounded by lies.  The Seven of Swords says the querent is decieving someone else.  When either Sword collides with the Lovers,  a secret love affair is happening.
    • The Hierophant and the Justice                                                                                                     Although the Heirophant typically brings marriage, it can mean divorce when it is beside the Justice for the Justice shows a decision to be made.
    •  The Wheel of Fortune and the Lovers/ the Ace of  Cups                                                                  Of course the Wheel of Fortune implies that fate will steer the querent to paradise.  The Lovers card means love.  The Ace of Cups represents a new, beautiful romance. When the Wheel of Fortune is near either card,  fate has found the querent a lover; and they will receive luck and grace from above to make their relationship long-lasting.
    I hope these few instances help you read the cards with better accuracy.  Yet, there are many different interactions.  The best book to find more interactions is Your Guide to the Tarot by Janet Berres which was my first book.  She is a wonderful author, and her examinations of the 76 cards of the Tarot are easy to comprehend. 

    Oct 26, 2010

    The Pentacles of the Minor Arcana

    The Pentacle is the embodiment of Earth.  It is the coin, thus it was conceived by humans to purchase other man-made goods.  However this coin can be flipped to view the other side.  The new face of the Pentacle is magic.  In ancient times, pentacles were drawn on discs to initiate mystical formulas that manipulate the five senses of the body.  The astrological symbols of the Pentacles are Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo.  The characteristics of them are reliable and practical.  Yet, they can become obsessed with material possessions.  Overall, Pentacles symbolize employment, money, and projects.

    Additional factors
    Animals of the Pentacle: the ox/calf (Apocalypse)
    Season: Spring

    The Minor Arcana: the Big Fifty-Six.

    The Minor Arcana reveals the small secrets.  These secrets refer to specific people and events in everyday life; whereas the Major Arcana confesses general ideas and occurrences.  Please see the post with the  title: A "Crash Helmet" Introduction and The Learning Process for another review. There are 56 cards in the Minor Arcana, and each of the four suits contain 14 cards. Four are court cards(page, knight, queen, king) and the final ten are simply numbered from Ace to 10.  Each one has a wonderful meaning and fascinating history.  I cannot give the meanings of them, though.  The prospect of designing 56 meanings is dismal and very wasteful of time because there are other topics to cover.  I suppose that it is the time, lovely student, to seek out the information on the websites or books I have posted.  I would not worry about the creation of mistakes because there are 22 exceptional examples of deciphered cards for reference.  The 22 cards all contain the background information of the character and scene; the meaning; and the reverse meaning.  Remember, the reverse meaning occurs when the card is upside-down; whereas the usual meaning is used when the card is right-side-up.  It is imperative that you find these three factors to achieve a full understanding of the card.  I wish you luck, but I have full confidence that you will succeed.

    The Swords of the Minor Arcana

    The Sword represents aggression, battle, and intellect.  The Sword symbolizes air.  They are keen and swift.  Both the sword and air are powerful and defeat and enemy in seconds.  Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra are the astrological signs of air.  The children of air are prone to stages of depression because they are challenged by many obstacles.  However, they have all of the talent to conquer anyone or anything.

    Additional factors
    Animal of the Sword: eagle (Apocalypse).
    Season: Winter

    Apocalypse: Man, Eagle, Lion, and Calf.

    Do you remember the four beings in the World card?
    Those are the animals of the Apocalypse which to some people is the day of judgement and the end of the world as we know it.  In the book of Revelation in the Holy Bible, they surround the throne of God as it floats above the ground.  Each represent a different aspect of the animals on Earth.  The lion commands all beasts.  The eagle represents flying creatures.  The calf/ox is the leader of domesticated animals.  The man is the symbol of creation of material objects.  These animals also signify the four suits which is the next few chapters.
    Please view for more information about the Apocalyptic animals.

    The Cups of the Minor Arcana

    The Cups symbolizes emotions, love, and spiritualism.  Human emotions flow like water; it moves from one state to the next.  They have the ability to fill any vessel.  In astrology; Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are represented by water.  Thus these are the signs of the Cup.  Many water signs are able to be calm, but many are prone to waves of emotion.
    Additional fators
    Animals of the Cup: water fairy and man (Apocalypse).
    Season: Autumn

    The Wands of the Minor Arcana

    The suit of Wands signifies animation and rapid movement.  It is similar to the element of fire.  Fire is sways, crackles, and burns.  It reaches up to the sky, but crouches into the embers to avoid the wind.  Those of fire signs in astrology (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) are sometimes represented in the tarot by Wands.  The people of the Wand are known to be optimistic and sanguine. Wands also foretell enterprise or the pursuit of new ambitions.  This is shown by the fresh leaves that have sprout from the branch or walking-stick: it depends on how one views it.

    Additional factors
    Animals of the Wand: salamanders which were thought to live in fire and lions (Apocalypse).
    Season: Summer
    I, myself, am a Sagittarian and find a great kinship to the Wand.

    Oct 23, 2010

    The Minor Arcana:Suits

    The Minor Arcana contains four suits like any deck of playing cards.  The Minor Arcana includes Cups, Wands, Pentacles, and Swords.  Of course, the playing cards have Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades.  Now they will be examined.

    1. The Pentacle pairs with the Diamond.  They symbolize financial matters because diamonds are an expensive jewel and the pentacle refers to ancient coins.
    2. The Cup joins the Heart.  They represent emotions and sometimes love.  The Cup holds the emotions as they tend to ebb and flow like water in an ocean's tide.  The Heart is an archetype for feelings and love.
    3. The Sword couples with the Spade. Here the Spade does not refer to a gardening tool. They are sleek weapons of battle meant to show conflicts in the future.
    4. The Wand accompanies the Club.  They are also weapons and battle.  However, the struggle leads to growth as seen by the tiny new leaves that grow from the Club and Wand.

    The Minor Arcana's Structure Compared to Playing Cards

    The Minor Arcana is similarly structured like playing cards.  Both sets have an Ace, King, Queen, and Jack/ Knight. One obvious difference is that the child of the King and Queen is called a "Knight" in Tarot, yet in a deck of playing cards he is referred to as the "Jack."  Another small dissimilarity is that Tarot has an extra player called a "Page."   A page refers to a young man in medieval times who was an apprentice to a knight.   However, both groups are deemed  to be "face cards" or "court cards." Also, they exclude the Aces from this term.  The court cards of the Tarot usually represent specific people in the life of the querent ( the person whose life is examined through the reading).  On many occasions they symbolize the stages of an event.  The Page shows the start of the new happening.  The Knight indicates the action of an occurance.  The Queen reveals the stability or persistence of an affair.  The King shows the completion of an event.  It is important to be certain that the card refers to either a person or event.


    Oct 18, 2010

    The End of the Major Arcana

    Hooray! I congratulate anyone who has read every card meaning.  Still, I am proud of all who have skimmed the posts. Therefore, relax and relish this lovely moment because you deserve it.  I know that it may appear it overwhelming.  To memorize all the meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana is no small feat.  Yet, I promise that anyone who truly desires to be a Tarot reader will find the process rewarding.  It will become simpler as you reread the information about the cards.  You will connect the picture to the meaning.  The first couple of readings will require a reference manual, and it is acceptable to check the meaning during a reading.  The main point is to correctly reveal secrets.  If you are unsure of a card meaning; check my guide, or any Tarot link and book on this blog. Another tip: follow your instincts because they will steer you in the right direction.  Thus, when a certain phrases forms in your mind, use it in your reading.
    Please, silent student, remember that when you have a reading to be fearless. Do not be afraid that you will perform a reading incorrectly.  Please have confidence in you abilities. The only bad readers are readers who do not care about the beauty and wonder of the deck.  But, quiet reader, I know you are serious about Tarot or at least mildly curious.  I respect your qualities.  Curiosity is the instigator.  When one is intrigued, they yearn to learn.  Seriousness is the guide. When one is professional, projects are finished.  The product of curiosity and seriousness is an impenetrable force.  My admiration for you is limitless. Your eagerness propels me to write. My singular hope is that I have taught you something.  If you have learned anything new, please comment on this post.

    Twenty-one: The World of the Major Arcana

    The charming, divine goddess passionately moves in the dance of life.  She only wears a scarf, and she delicately holds two rods of power which attract energy from above (like the Magician).  In the four corners are the four elements(top left: air,water, fire, and earth). The wreath celebrates the graduation because the woman has achieved the super conscious.  She can apply and use her subconscious and conscious mind together to create.  There is balance between the material world and the spiritual enlightenment.  The journey and tasks have ended, so she reaps the benefits and glory.
    Meanings: completion, reward, triumph, travel, arrival of the super consciousness, and freedom.
    Reverse: fear of change, wariness of travel, blindness to the "big" picture, and success still to be achieved.

    Twenty: The Judgment of the Major Arcana

    The messenger angel Gabriel hovers above the coffins that float in the water of cosmic thought.  He awakens the dead with the beautiful music of his trumpet.  Men, women, and children are reborn in mystical exultation.  The man symbolizes the conscious mind.  The woman is the subconscious mind.  The child depicts the personality which stems from both of the areas of human intellect.  Their past has been eliminated.  Their antiquated beliefs have been destroyed.  It is a new season; a genesis.
    Meanings: awakening, renewal, a change in attitude, a surprise, insight, and a change of goals through an emotional upheaval.
    Reverse: weakness, fear, and destruction.

    Oct 9, 2010

    Nineteen: The Sun of the Major Arcana

    The sun squats above a lively scene.   A child rides on the back of white stead and waves a vibrant red banner.   Sunflowers grow in the glory of the child.   The ease displayed by the naked child represents actions that do not require a deep musing and the victory over secrecy.  It is possible to equate the Fool to the child.  It seems the Fool has returned to the simplistic, wonderful life of an innocent child. 
    Meanings: success, reunions, pleasure in the simple life, good health, and expulsion of the worries in life.
    Reverse: broken relationships, loss of financial stability, and the future is shrouded in mystery.

    Eighteen: The Moon of the Major Arcana

    The Moon of the Major displays stages and evolution.  The Moon, itself, shows three phases (body, mind, and spirit).  The crayfish emerges from the cosmic thought.  The howling wolf reveals the wild nature of the world.  It lurches on the Earth.   The dog is the tamed aspect. Do the pillars look familiar?  They were in the background of the Death card.  The pillars offer protection from the rugged life in which man is contained. He needs safety because this world contains secrets and hidden evils.  The moon’s light cannot penetrate them.  Only the sun can blaze through the obscurity to unveil the truth.

    Meanings: hidden things, deception, bad luck, latent psychic powers, and secret perils.
    Reverse: pragmatic control will allow the appearance of imagination, difficulties will be surpassed with some harm, and risks should not be taken.

    A Brief Explanation of Chakras

    The word “chakra” comes from the Sanskrit language, and it refers to the energy centers in the body which are rooted in the nerves.  Each chakra is shaped like a wheel or flower.  Also, each chakra represents a body part.  When one analyzes a specific body part, the progression of the soul can be seen.  Example: Vishuddha, the throat chakra, governs the thyroid gland which is responsible for growth.  On a spiritual level, it is responsible for the communication of thoughts which results in freedom.

    View for an extensive report.

    Seventeen: The Star of the Major Arcana

    The stunning, elegant woman pours mystical water into the dirt and river.  As in the picture of Temperance, she anchors her body with one foot in the pool of the unconscious mind and with the other foot in sturdy plain of the conscious mind.  It is possible that the liquid from her carafes are the physical form of the maiden’s essence.   She blends her soul with nature in meditation.  Behind the damsel is the artless ibis which is the sacred bird of thought.  In the cosmos above her head, lays the stars that radiant energy.  Sometimes, the smaller stars are used to represent the seven chakras of the body. 

    Meanings: hope, inspiration, good health, love will be given and received, excellent communication, success, and fame.
    Reverse: pessimism, uncertainty, and a limited view of the world.

    Sixteen: The Tower of the Major Arcana

    The mighty Tower has been struck by the vicious bolts of lightning.  The stone blocks that secured a haven for the prince and princess are shattered by the awe-inspiring Mother Nature.  The attack was swift.  Their fall from safety in materialism was unexpected.   But they are free from the falsity, and they are enlightened by this fact.

    Meanings: unexpected move in or out of the house, disruption will bring insight, home repairs, sudden health risks, change, and bankruptcy.

    Reverse: false imprisonment and oppression.

    Oct 3, 2010

    Tarot is not Black Magic

    I beg and plead for everyone to distinguish Tarot from Black Magic.  Tarot readings will open hearts and souls.  The connection it can bring to a serious reader and the querent can pull tears from eyes.  It reminds me of how close humans can be.  It is awesome in the true meaning of the word.  Black Magic is practiced by those who only desire misery for others because they are woebegone and wretched.  If you, passive reader, yearn to hurt and destroy; do not read this blog.  As Above So Below is exclusively for people who wish to help others or themselves become more open to the pure enchantment our world offers.  Furthermore, Tarot does not deny you the right of believing in the existence of the immortal creator.  I, myself, believe in God.  I perceive that He has ingrained wonderment in our lives.  As a Good Samaritan, I will aid others to see the beauty in themselves and the external factors.  I hope that you will do the same. 
    Visit for more differences between White and Black Magic.

    Fifteen: The Devil of the Major Arcana

    WARNING: This card will NOT open any life to the Devil or evil spirits.  Now, let's begin.  The Devil keeps the man and woman as captives in his vile den.  He raises hand to summon fiends to follow him and bless them with the wicked inverted pentagram.  Yet, it would be foolish to be guided by the man who perches uneasily on a small block.  It illustrates his own ignorance.  Humans must remember that they made their own misfortune, and they can mend their wrongdoings as easily as the characters can remove the loose-fitting collars.
    Meanings: evil, discontent, depression, feeling restricted, and bondage to material items.
     Reverse: awareness of the spirit, removal of material obsession, and loss of self-interest.

    Fourteen: The Temperance of the Major Arcana continued

    The archangel Micheal blends the water in an alchemical process. He combines the subconscious mind with the unconscious mind.  He joins the past, present, and future.  Micheal is stable as one foot is placed on land and the other foot grounded in the earth.  Please, enjoy the vibrations and pleasant emotions of the Temperance.  Remember everything must be in moderation, though.  Discover more information on alchemy and the archangel Micheal through and .
    Meanings: self-control, harmony with others, tempering, self-control, and dreams will be achieved in the physical world.
     Reverse: an unfortunate combination, disputes, separations, and altercations.

    Fourteen: The Temperance of the Major Arcana (Personal Thoughts)

    Do you remember the post called Awakening the Cards?  I briefly explained some cards will attract the reader more than others during the first meditation session.  Temperance is the card that captured me.  It radiates love, serenity, and balance.  It also represents a mingling of two entities; two souls.  When I first read the meaning of the card, I was thrilled because it stands for the house of Sagittarius of astrology.  The lovely, brilliant Joshua M. and I are both Sagittarians.  When, I read for myself sometimes Temperance is revealed.  I am certain that Temperance denotes our existence as one being.  Silent reader, it is acceptable to attach specific people with particular cards when reading for yourself.  Moreover, I shall discuss the marriage of astrology and Tarot in a later chapter.

    Thirteen: The Death of the Major Arcana

    WARNING: This card does NOT foretell a PHYSICAL death.  If this card appears in personal spread or in a spread for the querent (the person who comes to the tarot reader for insight), please acknowledge that this card does NOT bring a PHYSICAL DEATH.  Now, I will continue with the examination.  The skeleton knight rides his stead and tramples the dead ruler.  His wife and child retract in fear while the bishop prays for the king's soul. In the background a river looks as if it flows directly into the sun.  The sun uses the water vapors to create clouds which feed the river they were born from. Death and Life are cyclical.  They supply each other.  Furthermore, I will note that the bishop is the only one that stands because he has a strong belief system and does not fear death.
    Meanings: Transformation, change, phoenix complex, and new opportunities.
    Reverse: Disaster, political upheaval, and temporary stagnation.

    Twelve: The Hanged Man of the Major Arcana (Part Two)

    The second tale of the Hanged Man is set in medieval times.  It was a custom to hang criminals such as debtors and people convicted of treason before the execution.  This process was called baffling.  Baffling was used to cause humiliation.  Yet, the Hanged Man of the tarot seems halcyon in the his stationary imprisonment.  His eyes are open and peaceful.  The halo around his head declares innocence.  He knows the ordeal will pass quickly, and he is prepared to embrace the knowledge that his sacrifice will bring.  I equate the Hanged Man to parents and guardians.  They relinquish freedom, money, and time to help us; the children.  Impressive, remarkable adults are formed through their strain.
    Meanings: wisdom, prophetic power, a pause in life, suspended decisions, and epiphany.
    Reverse: Arrogance, resistance in spiritual matters, egotism, false prophecy, and preoccupation with material items.

    Twelve: The Hanged Man of the Major Arcana (Part One)

    The card may deem the character as adult; however, he is a juvenile.  The first tale behind the Hanged Man includes sacrifice.  The youth is sacrificed to the commander of all the Norse gods: Odin.  Odin is the symbol of wisdom and knowledge because he traded one of his eyes for a taste of the magical waters of the Well of Wisdom which was protected in the roots of mighty World Tree called Yggdrasil. Wisdom is quite difficult to attain.  Sacrifice is the key to enlightenment. In modern times, its accepted that studying and working vigorously will lead to knowledge. Odin understood sacrifice and wisdom as most figures in mythology comprehend both concepts.  Odin stabbed his chest with a keen blade, and hung himself to find the Well of Wisdom.  His blood oozed and trickled into the grooves the ancient bark. It traveled downward.  After many days, he saw it's destination. The Well of Wisdom was hidden under the second root, and he was able to pull the roots and sip wisdom.  This myth became extremely popular, and adolescents would hang from trees to achieve the success of Odin.  Please go to for more information about Odin.

    Sep 27, 2010

    Eleven: The Justice of the Major Arcana

    The Justice is established in between stalwart columns.  Does this remind you of any other cards?  The inspection of the card continues.  Her double-edged blade is raised in action which implies action is two-fold: it creates and destroys.  The Justice's scale is balanced and fair.  She sees all.  No one is safe from her prosecution.
    Meanings: balance, decisions, lawsuits will be won, the desire for harmony in the mind, and required release of excess burdens.
    Reverse: Injustice, imbalance, and harsh judgment of others.

    Ten: The Wheel of Foutune of the Major Arcana

    The Wheel of Fortune card is abstract because it signifies a metaphysical entity: Fate.  Fate and Destiny have decided to write a few pages in the book of one's life.  It is best to let events unfold naturally and not manipulate matters.  I, myself, believe in Fate and Destiny to a certain degree because humans have free will and choice.  However, I know that friends, lovers, classmates, and strangers purposely enter life to help guide one in life.  As a self-proclaimed empathic person, I receive numerous sensations from strangers that I know will become major characters in the story of my life.  Sometimes dreams will allow me to see future friends.  My friends, Cat W. and Aly G., arrived at the perfect time; when I was set and unconsciously willing for new relationships.  Coincidences are not rare do not always happen. This is when Fate and Destiny lead.
     Now,  I shall return to the card.  The serpent glides down the wheel.  He is the evil Egyptian god named Typhon.  He represents the pure essence of life as it is prepared for manifestation.  Hermes-Anubis symbolizes intelligence ascending over wickedness.  Above, the sphinx regulates chance and choice.  The beings in the corner represent the four elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth.  The elements will be discussed in later chapters.  Meanings: expansion, good luck, success, and creativity.  Reverse: failure in new beginnings, the need for courage, and hindrances.

    Nine: The Hermit of the Major Arcana

    The Hermit is a the lone figure on the frigid mountain peak. His lantern and Star of Solomon guides others in wisdom and protection.  Yet, they do not approach him because he needs a respite from society.  The Hermit withdraws to gain intelligence of his inner being and his place in the world.  The public respects his decision.  He will return to the people with the truth when all are prepared to learn. Please view for more information on the Star/Seal of Solomon.
    Meanings: receiving wisdom from a powerful source, prudence, discretion, returning to school, and keeping a journal of one's thoughts.
    Reverse: immaturity, foolishness, refusal of good advice, sociopathic tendancies and fear of growing up.

    Eight: The Strength of the Major Arcana

    The young maiden must have strength to control the mouth of the beast.  In classic decks the infinity symbol, which looks like the number eight on its side, hovers above her garland.  This signifies that her courage and fortitude is a gift from above; the spiritual world.  She uses her endowments to conquer the carnal pleasures and obstacles, so they may not rule her life.  She counters them with spiritual endeavors.  She is unafraid of conflict because she is confident in her own power.
    Meanings: vitality, good health, strength, patience, confidence, and arrival of a new pet.
    Reverse: discord, lack of morals, fear of the unknown in our spirit, abuse of power, and obsession with materials.

    Sep 20, 2010

    Seven: The Chariot of the Major Arcana

    The Chariot signifies the proud king.  He returns home after a glorious battle.  He has seized new territories to expand the kingdom.  The sphinxes pull in opposite directions, but the warrior king's command is keen and fierce. The wand of power and his own observance brings control over his destiny.  The world will accept the charioteer because he accepts himself and his duties.
    Meanings: triumph, success, gentle control over others, travel, and determination.
    Reverse: restlessness, unethical victory, and weakness (sometimes in health).

    Six: The Lovers of the Major Arcana

    The Lovers card has two pictures.  Older tarot decks will have the card on the left. This scene depicts a man who must choose between his mistress and wife because Cupid has delivered his wondrous curse. Newer decks and specifically Rider brand decks will contain the one on the right which shows Adam and Eve under the angel of air, Raphael.  Both cards contain the same themes.  Clearly, this card will prove that love has entered one's life. It is pure and accentuated by clear communication. If not pertaining to romance, its appearance means that there is a choice to be made.
    Meanings: choice, temptation, love, harmony, and teamwork.
    Reverse: arguments, possible broken marriage, and a wrong choice could be made.

    Five: The Hierophant of the Major Arcana

    In ancient Greece, a hierophant interpreted the secret mysteries given by the gods.  The Hierophant rests between two pillars like the High Priestess.  The Hierophant's pillars; however, represent the Tree of Life from the Kabalah.  One is mercy. The other pillar is severity.  Some Tarot readers believe they represent freedom and obedience.  In any case, the pillars are opposite and symbolize duality.  Moreover, the united priests that kneel before him exhibit desire (red roses) and thought (white lilies).  These flowers also appear in the Magician card.  Overall, the Hierophant guides the entire community in spiritual endeavors. Meanings: religious ceremony, marriage, partnership, large institutions, governments, and social assimilation.  Reverse: unconventional thought, inventiveness, and foolish acceptance of superstitions.
    Visit  for more information about the Kabalah.

    Four: The Emperor of the Major Arcana

    The Emperor is an assertive man with gray or white hair.  He is the father counterpart to the Empress. However, his age can trick and fool those who are gullible .  He is much stronger than he appears.  His stable throne is flanked by powerful rams.  He, himself, holds the ankh which is the symbol of life in Egyptian hieroglyphics.  The ankh gives him the energy to begin new projects.  The Emperor is unyielding.  His determination can dominate the globe.
    Meanings: Leadership, domination, aggression, strength, authority, and paternity
    Reverse: Immaturity, childlike emotions, serious injury, and loss of control.

    Three: The Empress of the Major Arcana

    The Empress is an ageless fair-haired woman.  She is the mother of creative growth.  She lives peacefully in the ebb and flow of novel ideas.  Her loving nature helps her rule the home.  Yet, she is like the Greek goddess Venus: alluring, beautiful, and wealthy.  The Empress calmly controls the material world.
    Meanings: harmony, beauty, women, material wealth, marriage, and fertility ( in child-bearing, farming, and creative arts)Reverse: squandering money, infertility, destruction, stagnation, and psychological instability.

    For the Lovely Joshua M. and Those who Think Like Him

    My blog will aid novices of the Tarot.  It is designed to simplify the sundry meanings linked to every individual card; there are many meanings and many cards.  If there are questions on a certain card, please leave a comment on that post.  I will cheerfully elaborate and explain in more depth.  Yet, there are goals that I must meet in my time frame.  Therefore, I should continue at my pace and not delay on one card.  Thank you!

    P.S. I have added books and websites to help the Tarot reader. They are located under the headings "online" and 'literature."

    Sep 16, 2010

    Two: The High Priestess of the Major Arcana

    The High Priestess protects the scroll of wisdom because it is not for all eyes.  She uses the moon to trust in her intuition and psychic ability.  Her balance is perfect between the masculine palms and feminine pomegranates.  She is also in harmony between the light and the dark.  Meanings: intuition, latent power, virtuous, and deeper knowledge.  Reverse: carnal pleasures, ineptness, and accepting concepts at face value.

    One: The Magician of the Major Arcana

    The Magician is one of my favorite cards.  I clasp him.  I embrace him.  He chants "As Above, So Below."  He grasps the power from the heavens, so that he may create beauty on the Earth.  He controls the Minor Arcana which are the items on the table.  Infinity surrounds his mind and body.  The white color of his robe signifies pure thought.  The red color of his coat represents desire.  He is the master of the universe.  All will bend under his authority.  Meaning: intellect,  organization, creativity, and command.
    Reverse: Indecision, weakness, and use of destructive power.

    Zero: The Fool of the Major Arcana

    The Fool is the explorer.  He has packed his knapsack, and he is determined to learn from the world.  The youth dreams of achievement and expects wonders to appear to him.  However, there are obstacles.  The naivete and carefree attitude threaten his success.  His blind faith almost causes him to fall from a precipice.  Although his resolve is strong, caution is necessary to keep the Fool from ruin.   Meaning: freedom, new adventures, foolishness, optimism, ignorant, and unaffected.
    Reverse: Folly, indiscretion, and thoughtless action.

    The Major Arcana and Reversed Cards

    The performers of the Major Arcana represent the central ideas of a reading.  They silently declare the significant events will soon occur.  The cards are number from zero to twenty-one.  During a reading, sometimes the cards face the reader.  On many occasions a card is upside-down or reversed.  This changes the meaning.  Now, the new principle is the opposite of the old meaning, in most cases.  It is imperative to not change the direction of a card.  It must be interpreted as it arrived.

    Sep 14, 2010

    Awankening the Cards

    Zen, bliss, serenity, openness, love, and felicity are a few emotions to embrace while meeting your cards.  The set has been resting and dormant until now.  They are your new friends and you must familiarize yourself with them.  It is time to awaken them with human energy, so prepare to begin. Open the package and pull out them out of the container. It is best to keep the stack face down.  Try to think of each card as a battery that needs to be charged, and slowly flip an individual card. 
    What do you see? 
    • Is it a man or a woman? 
    • Is there more than one person?
    • Are there symbols in the picture such as a sword or cup? 
    • Do some pictures have symbols that remind you of branches or coins? 
    • Is there a battle or celebration?
    What do you feel?
    • Does the picture make you sad, angry, happy, afraid, etc?
    • Do you sense a burdensome episode or a long-awaited relief?
    Do some cards entice you more than the others?
    • If they do, remember their names for when you study the meanings.
    As you view the cards, please keep questions similar to these queries on the forefront.  Meditation will become a major factor when sharpening your psychic awareness. This process is unique for everyone.  I advocate soothing music by Imogen Heap  Candles create an enchanted atmosphere, also.  The style will depend on your comfort.  It is best to do what feels natural, and to never force a practice.  Uncertainty and anxiety will taint the cogitation.  Thus, it will make it difficult to become a superior tarot reader.

    So I Bought my Cards....Am I Ready for Predictions?

    Sadly, one is not prepared after the deck has been purchased.  Also, it is important to note that the deck needs to be given to the new mystic.  It must be a gift!  Consider if it was a present, please.  Did you borrow the money?  Was the packaged wrapped in shiny paper or tied with a floppy bow?  Did your friend pass to you a bag from the New Age shop with the receipt still encircling the stack?  All of these ways are acceptable.  If you purchased the cards with your own money, then it is not a set of purity.  Tarot must be a gift because it is tradition to receive the opportunity of knowledge from someone else.  To alleviate the issue of stunted cards, return them to wherever they had been acquired and ask someone to grant a new deck to you.  Thankfully, this will not alter your empathic abilities so do not worry.

    Sep 11, 2010

    A "Crash Helmet" Introduction and The Learning Process

    Frankly, the Tarot is the practice of fortune telling and enlightenment by using a deck of cards.  The 78 cards of the Tarot contain universal themes of humans: love, strife, money, etc.  Moreover, those 78 cards are unevenly divided into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.  The Major Arcana issues the main ideas of the reading.  Thus, the Minor Arcana administers the specific information.  To interpret, one must ask a question and put them in a meaningful layout.  A general theme among the cards should appear after all of them have been turned.  This motif will be the answer to the question.  I will elaborate on the Arcanas and the operation of a reading in later chapters.  I will add a new installment each week.  By the end of my blog, it is possible to become a dynamic Tarot reader or have the metaphysical appetite appeased.  My hope is to create an understandable manual for an intrepid, inquisitive student and a blase wanderer of the internet.

    The History

    The birthplace of the Tarot has been lost in time as empires were eradicated and generated.  Some speculators proclaim that Christian invasions prompted hierophants of ancient religious sects and pagans to store their secrets with the nomadic gypsies (Eden Gray 6).  They traveled the globe and transmitted the mysterious wisdom to those who the gypsies believed to be worthy (6).  Another possibility is that it became a pictorial language between the scholars from diverse lands in post-Alexandria (7).  Although the origin of the Tarot is unknown, its ability to assistance even into modern day is remarkable.

    Gray, Eden. A Complete Guide to the Tarot. New York, Bantam, 1970. Print.

    The Genisis

    During the summer, I had found myself in a quagmire.  I enjoy productivity, but the newly-gained freedom lured slothfulness.  I had tried to hide from it; however, it stole upon me.  Soon, I spent my afternoons by taking numerous personality quizzes on the internet.  Tarot casually appeared to me in one of these tests.  It promised to convey which card best suited my essence.  I had only known minor details of the wonderful art of Tarot, and I was intrigued.  After ten questions, my result was delivered.  I was the High Priestess.  It stated that she cradles the secrets of the universe in her arms.  The small passage about her made me crave more information, and I began my struggle to become a tarot reader.  Presently, anyone can see the High Priestess in me.  I will be a teacher and guide.

    What Does This Title Mean?

    Yes, this title is strange; however, I will explain.  "As Above, So Below" has become my mantra, and it is a common expression of the Tarot.  Simply, the phrase means to use what the universe has supplied and produce goodness.  It reaffirms the belief that people can successfully control their lives.  Sometimes humans forget the beautiful power enveloped within.  Emotions such as helplessness, fear, and numbness can pierce the soul.  They destroy the power: peace and optimism.  Yet, meditation coupled with the Tarot has allowed me to reconnect with my spirit and the external factors of my life.  Furthermore, I can recognize that my job is assist others to become aware of the priorities in their life and expose personal truths.  Tarot is not exclusively used to predict future events. It can also awaken the soul because it brings knowledge form above, so that we may use it in our existence below.