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Oct 3, 2010

Thirteen: The Death of the Major Arcana

WARNING: This card does NOT foretell a PHYSICAL death.  If this card appears in personal spread or in a spread for the querent (the person who comes to the tarot reader for insight), please acknowledge that this card does NOT bring a PHYSICAL DEATH.  Now, I will continue with the examination.  The skeleton knight rides his stead and tramples the dead ruler.  His wife and child retract in fear while the bishop prays for the king's soul. In the background a river looks as if it flows directly into the sun.  The sun uses the water vapors to create clouds which feed the river they were born from. Death and Life are cyclical.  They supply each other.  Furthermore, I will note that the bishop is the only one that stands because he has a strong belief system and does not fear death.
Meanings: Transformation, change, phoenix complex, and new opportunities.
Reverse: Disaster, political upheaval, and temporary stagnation.

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