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Oct 9, 2010

Seventeen: The Star of the Major Arcana

The stunning, elegant woman pours mystical water into the dirt and river.  As in the picture of Temperance, she anchors her body with one foot in the pool of the unconscious mind and with the other foot in sturdy plain of the conscious mind.  It is possible that the liquid from her carafes are the physical form of the maiden’s essence.   She blends her soul with nature in meditation.  Behind the damsel is the artless ibis which is the sacred bird of thought.  In the cosmos above her head, lays the stars that radiant energy.  Sometimes, the smaller stars are used to represent the seven chakras of the body. 

Meanings: hope, inspiration, good health, love will be given and received, excellent communication, success, and fame.
Reverse: pessimism, uncertainty, and a limited view of the world.

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