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Oct 3, 2010

Fifteen: The Devil of the Major Arcana

WARNING: This card will NOT open any life to the Devil or evil spirits.  Now, let's begin.  The Devil keeps the man and woman as captives in his vile den.  He raises hand to summon fiends to follow him and bless them with the wicked inverted pentagram.  Yet, it would be foolish to be guided by the man who perches uneasily on a small block.  It illustrates his own ignorance.  Humans must remember that they made their own misfortune, and they can mend their wrongdoings as easily as the characters can remove the loose-fitting collars.
Meanings: evil, discontent, depression, feeling restricted, and bondage to material items.
 Reverse: awareness of the spirit, removal of material obsession, and loss of self-interest.

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