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Oct 3, 2010

Twelve: The Hanged Man of the Major Arcana (Part Two)

The second tale of the Hanged Man is set in medieval times.  It was a custom to hang criminals such as debtors and people convicted of treason before the execution.  This process was called baffling.  Baffling was used to cause humiliation.  Yet, the Hanged Man of the tarot seems halcyon in the his stationary imprisonment.  His eyes are open and peaceful.  The halo around his head declares innocence.  He knows the ordeal will pass quickly, and he is prepared to embrace the knowledge that his sacrifice will bring.  I equate the Hanged Man to parents and guardians.  They relinquish freedom, money, and time to help us; the children.  Impressive, remarkable adults are formed through their strain.
Meanings: wisdom, prophetic power, a pause in life, suspended decisions, and epiphany.
Reverse: Arrogance, resistance in spiritual matters, egotism, false prophecy, and preoccupation with material items.

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