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Oct 18, 2010

Twenty-one: The World of the Major Arcana

The charming, divine goddess passionately moves in the dance of life.  She only wears a scarf, and she delicately holds two rods of power which attract energy from above (like the Magician).  In the four corners are the four elements(top left: air,water, fire, and earth). The wreath celebrates the graduation because the woman has achieved the super conscious.  She can apply and use her subconscious and conscious mind together to create.  There is balance between the material world and the spiritual enlightenment.  The journey and tasks have ended, so she reaps the benefits and glory.
Meanings: completion, reward, triumph, travel, arrival of the super consciousness, and freedom.
Reverse: fear of change, wariness of travel, blindness to the "big" picture, and success still to be achieved.

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  1. Boobs and rods.

    Just kidding. I love you. This is a lovely post.