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Oct 9, 2010

Eighteen: The Moon of the Major Arcana

The Moon of the Major displays stages and evolution.  The Moon, itself, shows three phases (body, mind, and spirit).  The crayfish emerges from the cosmic thought.  The howling wolf reveals the wild nature of the world.  It lurches on the Earth.   The dog is the tamed aspect. Do the pillars look familiar?  They were in the background of the Death card.  The pillars offer protection from the rugged life in which man is contained. He needs safety because this world contains secrets and hidden evils.  The moon’s light cannot penetrate them.  Only the sun can blaze through the obscurity to unveil the truth.

Meanings: hidden things, deception, bad luck, latent psychic powers, and secret perils.
Reverse: pragmatic control will allow the appearance of imagination, difficulties will be surpassed with some harm, and risks should not be taken.

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