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Oct 3, 2010

Fourteen: The Temperance of the Major Arcana (Personal Thoughts)

Do you remember the post called Awakening the Cards?  I briefly explained some cards will attract the reader more than others during the first meditation session.  Temperance is the card that captured me.  It radiates love, serenity, and balance.  It also represents a mingling of two entities; two souls.  When I first read the meaning of the card, I was thrilled because it stands for the house of Sagittarius of astrology.  The lovely, brilliant Joshua M. and I are both Sagittarians.  When, I read for myself sometimes Temperance is revealed.  I am certain that Temperance denotes our existence as one being.  Silent reader, it is acceptable to attach specific people with particular cards when reading for yourself.  Moreover, I shall discuss the marriage of astrology and Tarot in a later chapter.

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