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Sep 16, 2010

Two: The High Priestess of the Major Arcana

The High Priestess protects the scroll of wisdom because it is not for all eyes.  She uses the moon to trust in her intuition and psychic ability.  Her balance is perfect between the masculine palms and feminine pomegranates.  She is also in harmony between the light and the dark.  Meanings: intuition, latent power, virtuous, and deeper knowledge.  Reverse: carnal pleasures, ineptness, and accepting concepts at face value.


  1. Dear Haley, what do the pillars on each side of the priestess mean? What do the letters stand for?
    Yours Truly,
    Joshua M.

  2. The pillars are from the Temple of Solomon. The Temple of Solomon housed the Ten Commandments. The pillars are named Boaz(the negative life force) and Jachin (the positive life force). Moreover,in Christian teachings, Solomon was the son of David. David is famous for defeating the Goliath. I hope this answered you question.

  3. Also, you shall find that many religions and their philosophies enter the Tarot. Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist and Christian principals frequently appear in the meanings and pictures of the cards.