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Sep 14, 2010

Awankening the Cards

Zen, bliss, serenity, openness, love, and felicity are a few emotions to embrace while meeting your cards.  The set has been resting and dormant until now.  They are your new friends and you must familiarize yourself with them.  It is time to awaken them with human energy, so prepare to begin. Open the package and pull out them out of the container. It is best to keep the stack face down.  Try to think of each card as a battery that needs to be charged, and slowly flip an individual card. 
What do you see? 
  • Is it a man or a woman? 
  • Is there more than one person?
  • Are there symbols in the picture such as a sword or cup? 
  • Do some pictures have symbols that remind you of branches or coins? 
  • Is there a battle or celebration?
What do you feel?
  • Does the picture make you sad, angry, happy, afraid, etc?
  • Do you sense a burdensome episode or a long-awaited relief?
Do some cards entice you more than the others?
  • If they do, remember their names for when you study the meanings.
As you view the cards, please keep questions similar to these queries on the forefront.  Meditation will become a major factor when sharpening your psychic awareness. This process is unique for everyone.  I advocate soothing music by Imogen Heap  Candles create an enchanted atmosphere, also.  The style will depend on your comfort.  It is best to do what feels natural, and to never force a practice.  Uncertainty and anxiety will taint the cogitation.  Thus, it will make it difficult to become a superior tarot reader.

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