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Sep 11, 2010

What Does This Title Mean?

Yes, this title is strange; however, I will explain.  "As Above, So Below" has become my mantra, and it is a common expression of the Tarot.  Simply, the phrase means to use what the universe has supplied and produce goodness.  It reaffirms the belief that people can successfully control their lives.  Sometimes humans forget the beautiful power enveloped within.  Emotions such as helplessness, fear, and numbness can pierce the soul.  They destroy the power: peace and optimism.  Yet, meditation coupled with the Tarot has allowed me to reconnect with my spirit and the external factors of my life.  Furthermore, I can recognize that my job is assist others to become aware of the priorities in their life and expose personal truths.  Tarot is not exclusively used to predict future events. It can also awaken the soul because it brings knowledge form above, so that we may use it in our existence below.

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