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Sep 20, 2010

Five: The Hierophant of the Major Arcana

In ancient Greece, a hierophant interpreted the secret mysteries given by the gods.  The Hierophant rests between two pillars like the High Priestess.  The Hierophant's pillars; however, represent the Tree of Life from the Kabalah.  One is mercy. The other pillar is severity.  Some Tarot readers believe they represent freedom and obedience.  In any case, the pillars are opposite and symbolize duality.  Moreover, the united priests that kneel before him exhibit desire (red roses) and thought (white lilies).  These flowers also appear in the Magician card.  Overall, the Hierophant guides the entire community in spiritual endeavors. Meanings: religious ceremony, marriage, partnership, large institutions, governments, and social assimilation.  Reverse: unconventional thought, inventiveness, and foolish acceptance of superstitions.
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