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Sep 11, 2010

The Genisis

During the summer, I had found myself in a quagmire.  I enjoy productivity, but the newly-gained freedom lured slothfulness.  I had tried to hide from it; however, it stole upon me.  Soon, I spent my afternoons by taking numerous personality quizzes on the internet.  Tarot casually appeared to me in one of these tests.  It promised to convey which card best suited my essence.  I had only known minor details of the wonderful art of Tarot, and I was intrigued.  After ten questions, my result was delivered.  I was the High Priestess.  It stated that she cradles the secrets of the universe in her arms.  The small passage about her made me crave more information, and I began my struggle to become a tarot reader.  Presently, anyone can see the High Priestess in me.  I will be a teacher and guide.

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