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Sep 27, 2010

Ten: The Wheel of Foutune of the Major Arcana

The Wheel of Fortune card is abstract because it signifies a metaphysical entity: Fate.  Fate and Destiny have decided to write a few pages in the book of one's life.  It is best to let events unfold naturally and not manipulate matters.  I, myself, believe in Fate and Destiny to a certain degree because humans have free will and choice.  However, I know that friends, lovers, classmates, and strangers purposely enter life to help guide one in life.  As a self-proclaimed empathic person, I receive numerous sensations from strangers that I know will become major characters in the story of my life.  Sometimes dreams will allow me to see future friends.  My friends, Cat W. and Aly G., arrived at the perfect time; when I was set and unconsciously willing for new relationships.  Coincidences are not rare do not always happen. This is when Fate and Destiny lead.
 Now,  I shall return to the card.  The serpent glides down the wheel.  He is the evil Egyptian god named Typhon.  He represents the pure essence of life as it is prepared for manifestation.  Hermes-Anubis symbolizes intelligence ascending over wickedness.  Above, the sphinx regulates chance and choice.  The beings in the corner represent the four elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth.  The elements will be discussed in later chapters.  Meanings: expansion, good luck, success, and creativity.  Reverse: failure in new beginnings, the need for courage, and hindrances.

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