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Nov 27, 2010

Numerology Tidbits

Frankly, I have never been extremely intrigued by numerology.  I have an aversion to all numbers which stems from my first grade teacher and her endless amounts of math worksheets.  On one humid summer day, my father taught me how to decipher the meaning behind a person's name by the way of Numerology and its chart. I find it amusing to translate names at a party or in my spare time.  It is also a great way to read people who are skeptical or afraid of pagan practices in Tarot because there is a scientific process.  You can use Numerology to analyze birth dates, love compatibility, life paths, etc.  Please view extra styles of Numerology.
To use the chart you simply translate the person's first, middle, and last name into numbers.
Example: Evelyn would be 545375
Next the numbers must be added.
Example: 5+4+5+3+7+5=29
Now reduce it
Example: 29= 2+9= 11
It is rather easy.  I will use a fictitious name to show the entire process.
Rosalee Evelyn Mckinney
Rosalee: 9+6+1+1+3+5+5=30
Evelyn: 10
Mckinney: 4+3+2+9+5+5+5+7= 40
Final addition 3+10+4=17  1+7=8
8 is the symbol of eternal balance.  Yet, people of 8 can sometimes obsess over material objects.  Although, their obsession can hinder them it can also drive them to be powerful leaders in the business world. yields the meanings for numbers.

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  1. Sorry,Sarah for messing up the math, but i fixed it!