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Nov 3, 2010

Special Interactions between the Major and Minor Arcana

In a spread, one places the cards in a meaningful layout.  A meaningful layout assigns certain areas to specific issues.  An example is a layout called the Astrological Wheel where twelve cards are put in a circle.  Each card represents a daily life situations such as money, health, and family.  In all layouts, there are occasions when one card from the Major Arcana and one card from the Minor Arcana from  merge together to make a new meaning. This can also happen between two Major cards. When the synergy occurs, a reader must not ignore it.  I have chosen a few instances to exhibit the phenomenon. 

  • The Four of Swords and the Strength                                                                                             The Strength card  sometimes reveals an arrival of a new pet.  The Four of Swords can disclose a physical death.  When these cards are next to each other in a layout, it means the death of a pet.
  • The Chariot and the Sun/ Three of Cups                                                                                               The Chariot can show a physical movement like a car.  The Sun brings success and good luck.  The Three of Cups is the card of happy occasion.  When the Chariot meets either of the cards, it signifies a new car.
  •  The Five of Swords/ the Seven of Swords and the Lovers                                                                   The Lovers is the card of romance.  The Five of Swords depicts that the querent is surrounded by lies.  The Seven of Swords says the querent is decieving someone else.  When either Sword collides with the Lovers,  a secret love affair is happening.
  • The Hierophant and the Justice                                                                                                     Although the Heirophant typically brings marriage, it can mean divorce when it is beside the Justice for the Justice shows a decision to be made.
  •  The Wheel of Fortune and the Lovers/ the Ace of  Cups                                                                  Of course the Wheel of Fortune implies that fate will steer the querent to paradise.  The Lovers card means love.  The Ace of Cups represents a new, beautiful romance. When the Wheel of Fortune is near either card,  fate has found the querent a lover; and they will receive luck and grace from above to make their relationship long-lasting.
I hope these few instances help you read the cards with better accuracy.  Yet, there are many different interactions.  The best book to find more interactions is Your Guide to the Tarot by Janet Berres which was my first book.  She is a wonderful author, and her examinations of the 76 cards of the Tarot are easy to comprehend. 

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