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Nov 9, 2010

Are You Ready to Read?

Congratulations!  You have learned many things, and now you can apply your knowledge.  There are three beginner layouts that I will show you how to create: "Yes" and "No"; Three Month Spread; and Week Spread.  However, I recommend that before each reading you find a table to use and meditate with your cards for a few moments.  When I meditate I imagine that all of my personality is drained, and that I become a completely empty vessel so the cards can work though me.   If you find a meditation aid, use it.  As it is imperative to prepare yourself prior to delving into the realm of Tarot, it is important to end a reading properly.  After you have revealed the interpretation,  you should cleanse the cards.  You can bathe them in incense by twisting the deck in the smoke.  If you do not enjoy incense or do not own them, you could mentally wash them.  When you spread the cards across the table, imagine that the energy from the previous reading floating away or disappearing like smoke.  I pretend that a bright light is flashing above the cards, and it becomes brighter and faster until the cards are clean.  The cleansing process should end when you feel comfortable.

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