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Nov 22, 2010

Reconnecting with the cards

Time has passed.  It has been many months since you read any fortune.  You fear that you lost the spiritual connection to your deck.  No worries.  The bond can be strengthened through meditation.  Usually this is the part where I explain the who, what, when, where, and why.  Today, I will change my process by explaining my first reconnection meditation.
I had been a month since I approached any Tarot matter.  I began to feel guilty because I started to believe that the Tarot cards were my friends and I would never stop communications with my friends.  I waited until the night appeared--I meditate before bed--and retrieved my cards from their wooden home.  I found relaxing music, and I sat on the floor with my deck.  They hummed and vibrated in my hand while I apologized for my absence.  The minutes raced by as I sat and embraced my inner peace.  I spread the cards across my carpet and looked at every individual card, then the cards as a whole.  Soon, I let my mind calm to release  all thoughts.  Two hours later, I felt bliss return to me, and the link between us grow.

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