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Nov 22, 2010

New Decks

It is a definite possibility that you, successful Tarot reader, will be given a new deck.  Now, I know this is slightly alarming because your first pack has a myriad of memories and contains your energy.  You have grown with your deck.  Everything you learned in this blog and in other mediums, you practiced with your original deck.  Please remember that your friends and family want to support your talent.  Thus, they feel that a new pack will aid you.  If you are given a new deck, accept it gratefully.  Then, meditate with it as you did with your first deck. Moreover, you can place the pair together.  Two collections can occupy the same habitat nicely.

However, I could be wrong.  It may be you who desires the fresh or fancy decks.  You could have seen a beautiful deck with spectacular pictures, and wanted to purchase it.  That is acceptable to buy another Tarot gang, but do not forget that decks must be given as a present.  I would recommend leaving hints for your friends and family.  Overall, multiple packs are welcome if you treat them with equal reverence.  Please visit to view special decks.

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