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Nov 3, 2010

Journals and the Seriousness of Tarot

After every session, the Tarot reader should write his results of divination in a journal.  A journal is a good way to check the accuracy of a reader because when an event occurs he can see if he had predicted it.  Another practical reason to use a journal is for reference and memory.  When a querent cannot remember whether he would receive a large check in the second week of November or in the last week of December, she can simply contact the reader and his mini summary of her reading.
Now I must remind all readers to be serious about this skill.  During a reading there should be quietness and tranquility.  Tarot is a trip to the realm of, quite briefly, magic.  Why taint it?  It is not a game to play on a boring Friday night, so please do not treat it as such.  Have reverence for a fascinating pagan art form.

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