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Nov 22, 2010

Astrology Guide

Here are the match-ups.  See if you can find yours.  Please note that a woman should use the Queen to represent herself, a young man should use the Knight, and an older man should use the King.  Example: a female Capricorn should find her cards as the Devil and the Queen of Pentacles and a older male Taurus should find his cards as the Hierophant and King of Pentacles.  Again, teenagers can either be a Page or the proper gender version.
             Fire Signs
             Page of Wands represents the pure element of fire.
  • Aries- The Emperor and the King of Wands
  • Leo- Strength and the Queen of Wands
  • Sagittarius- Temperance and the Knight of Wands
            Earth Signs
            Page of Pentacles represents the pure element of earth
  • Capricorn- The Devil and the King of Pentacles  
  • Taurus- The Hierophant and the Queen of Pentacles
  • Virgo- The Hermit and the Knight of Pentacles
           Water Signs
            Page of Cups represents the pure element of water
  • Cancer- The Chariot and the King of Cups
  • Scorpio- Death and the Queen of Cups
  • Pisces- The Moon and the Knight of Cups
            Air Signs
            Page of Swords represents the pure element of air
  • Libra- Justice and the King of Swords
  • Aquarius- The Star and the Queen of Swords
  • Gemini- The Lovers and the Knight of Swords

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